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We are TY class that that is taking part in a project called YSI (Young Social Innovators).YSI is a project all over Ireland for TY classes to take part in and find a social problem/issue and do everything you can to change it.Our team decided to focus on the issue of underdevelopment which affects lots of people and communities throughout the world in many different ways. We decided to look at it on our level,in our own community as many of our teammates live in Inchicore and we all feel very passionate about our area.We all love our community and can see the amazing potential that Inchicore has.Our hope for this project is to highlight both good and bad things about Inchicore and bring out some positive changes in the community,we hope to continue with our project even after the YSI project comes to an end and make Inchicore an even better space for the people that live here,and the people that visit.We also hope that we can inspire other young people in areas like Inchicore to take a step forward and make a change.

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